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The All-New Gondolas Lift You up to New Heights!

New smiles on the Interactive Family Tower in Family Park, Austria.

All eight vehicles on the popular interactive family tower, the Roman Tower (Römerturm) in Family Park, Austria have been restored and given new smiles. For this restauration, the vehicles were transported to ABC’s facilities, where they were completely dismantled, cleaned, metal parts carefully checked for any traces of corrosion, sand-blasted, repainted and reassembled to give them a brand-new look. The large swivel bearing, which rotates the tower was also replaced. An operation like this requires a detailed lifting plan including a crane and a very well-coordinated service team. ABC’s service team on-site and Family Park’s Technical Team successfully completed the exchange.

A complete make-over like this is not only done to restore the beauty and the glory of a popular family tower, but also to guarantee safety – the highest priority at ABC Rides Switzerland.

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