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Face Down Bungee – Single

Face your fears: This unique vertical bouncing tower ride is something riders and spectators will never forget. An attraction that makes your hearts beat faster, children and adults alike. 


At the beginning, riders are lifted up the tower in a normal, eyes front position. Then comes the famous 90 degree tilt into the thrilling face down start position. As the riders are released into an exhilarating drop and then stopped – adrenalin rushing – close to the ground. Hearts are racing but there’s not a moment to recover as the riders are quickly lifted back to the top of the tower and start another drop cycle. This gives the ride a new and unique, bouncing “bungee” sensation, while facing the ground during the entire ride. 


During the final descent the riders in the gondola are swung 90 degree to return the eyes to the horizontal position ready for unloading. This marks the “grand finale” of our thrilling attraction, though the hearts of the ridership will be racing for a little while longer.

There's a double version too.

  • Unique bouncing “bungee” sensation

  • Ride time and number of cycles variable

  • One-of-a-kind tower ride

  • Anticipation face down tilt before the first drop followed by face down bouncing sequences

Technical Specification

Ground space

Tower height* 

Max. lifting speed 

Number of vehicles 

Vehicle capacity

Ride capacity

Load / unload time

Ride time

Total cycle / dispatch time

Theoretical capacity

Height requirement** 

11.5 x 10.3 m

33 m

5 m/s




30 sec.

60 sec.

90 sec.

480 pph

95 cm minimum

120 cm unaccompanied

* Variable according to customer layout or dimensions, with respect to technical limits and safety regulations.


** If accompanied by an adult and depending on local regulations, minimum height requirement can be lower.


All data are approximate and subject to adjustment during the final engineering.

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