Face Down Bungee – Double

Same tower, double the attraction. With this “double” version you have two rides, thrilling twice as many riders. Naturally, the name “Bungee” comes from the fact that the riders enjoy many thrilling bouncing experiences for the duration of the ride. During the final descent the riders are swung through 90°, to return to the eyes front position ready for unloading, the “grand finale” to this thrilling attraction.

Technical Specification

Tower height 

No. of “Bungee” cycles

Max lifting speed 

Number of vehicles 

Vehicle capacity

Ride capacity

Load / unload time

Ride time

Total cycle time

Theoretical capacity

Height requirement 

33 m


5 m/s

2 unit

12 passengers

24 passengers

30 sec.

60 sec.

90 sec.

960 pph

120 cm

* Variable according to customer layout or
dimensions, with respect to technical limits
and safety regulations.


All data are approximate and subject to adjustment during the final engineering.

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