Interactive Swing Ride 16

This attraction takes the classic and successful swing carousel concepts and adds interactive handles, so that guests can decide how high they want to swing.


The highly dynamic ride features eight gondolas, seating two passengers each. The vehicle construction are perfectly laid out for every theming idea, what makes the ride for the youngsters even more appealing. The possibility to influence the ride experience with the throttle grip is pretty unique and an additional fun factor. 

  • Classic swing carousel concept

  • Swing height defined by guests via joy stick

  • Highly dynamic ride experience

Technical Specification

Ground space

Total ride height  

Number of vehicles

Passengers per vehicle

Rotation speed    

Rotation acceleration  

Dispatch intervall 

Ride time

Theoretical capacity      

Height requirement*

Ø 16 m 

5.6 m



8 rpm

0 – 8 rpm
(within 2 rounds)

120 sec.

90 sec.

480 pph

95 cm minimum

120 cm unaccompanied

*If accompanied by an adult and depending on local regulations, minimum height requirement can be lower.

All data are approximate and subject to adjustment during the final engineering.