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Interactive Tower 32

Kids and families love this ride: It's interactive, highly dynamic and offers great views.


A rotating tower ride, featuring eight four-person gondolas, that can be lifted via cables up to a height of 20,5 meters. Passengers can control the cruising height of their gondola via a joystick as the tower steadily rotates, offering riders a great view of the surrounding area, while enjoying the interactivity of the ride.  


Simplified, maintenance-friendly technology using only electrical drives (instead of hydraulics) makes this a highly dynamic and reliable family amusement ride. Perfectly themeable and integratable to your existing themed land or park concept.


It is also available in a smaller 20-passenger, 15 meter high version

  • Guests can control the vertical motion of their gondola using a joystick

  • Simplified, maintenance-friendly technology using only electrical drives

  • Individual lap bar restraints

  • Gondolas swing out while tower is rotating

  • New, larger 32 passenger version with 26 m high tower and 4 passenger vehicles

Technical Specification

*If accompanied by an adult and depending on local regulations, minimum height requirement can be lower.


All data are approximate and subject to adjustment during the final engineering.

Ø 31 m

26 m

20.5 m

2  m / sec.

0 - 4.5 rpm

0 - 3.8 rpm

17 °

10.45 °



30 sec.

90 sec.

120 sec. 

960 pph

95 cm minimum

120 cm unaccompanied

Ground space
(incl. clearance envelope)

Total height  

Lift height 

Lift speed 

Rotating speed left side

Rotating speed right side

Max. inclination left side

Max. inclination right side

Number of gondolas 

Passengers per gondola

Load / unload time

Ride time

Total cycle / dispatch time

Theoretical capacity   

Height requirement*  

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