In this water ride the 6-passenger boat is raised vertically and then released to slide down a spiraling fiberglass channel creating exciting unexpected swirling of the raft with a final splash into the pool before returning to the station. A true family thrill water attraction.

Technical Specification

45 x 67 m

307 m

150 m

23 m

13.3 m



120 sec.

40 sec.

540 pph

100 cm unaccompanied

Ground space*

Ride length*

Spiral channel length*

Vertical lift height

Lifting stroke

Number of boats

Passengers per boat

Ride time


Theoretical capacity

Height requirement**

* Variable according to customer layout or dimensions, with respect to technical limits and safety regulations.

** If accompanied by an adult and depending on local regulations, minimum height requirement can be lower.

All data are approximate and subject to adjustment during the final engineering.