Smart Boat Ride

The Smart Boat Ride features a simple under water guiding rail and anti-collision sensors and allows the powered boat to find its way autonomous through the course.

A gentle water ride with added water cannons for an interactive boat adventure – perfect for heavily themed and playful projects.  

  • Individual boat drive control system including anti-collision system

  • Simple guiding system under water

Technical Specification

* Variable according to customer layout or dimensions, with respect to technical limits, safety regulations and inclusive of ride track maintenance.

** If accompanied by an adult and depending on local regulations, minimum height requirement can be lower.


All data are approximate and subject to adjustment during the final engineering.

Ground space*
Ride length*  


Number of boats

Passengers per cart

Load- unloading time

Dispatch time

Duration of ride  

Theoretical capacity   

Height requirement**   


400 m

1.25 m/sec.



60 sec.

80 sec.

400 sec. 

1080 pph

95 cm minimum

120 cm unaccompanied

abc0900 01 119 - Smart Boat
abc0900 01 119 - Smart Boat

abc0900 01 119 - Smart Boat
abc0900 01 119 - Smart Boat