Smart Swing

The Smart Swing allows guests a free and unpredictable and so every ride a completely unique ride experience. The free swinging gondola creates a free fall experience with every swing. The highly dynamic family attraction fits 16 passengers in 2 rows (one forward, one backward) each ride cycle. 

Technical Specification

Ground space

Total ride height  

Max. swing height

Number of vehicles

Passenger per seat row

Passengers per vehicle

Rotation speed    


Ride time

Theoretical capacity      

The Smart Swing can be planned with optional interactive water features.

Multi-profile swing programs are available. The attraction allows a self standing base frame option.

All data are approximate and subject to adjustment during the final engineering.

11 x 6 m 

12 m

10.5 m




10 rpm

135 sec.

90 sec.

426 pph

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