Suspended Swing Coaster

Designed to be a suspended-style ride, the Suspended Swing Coaster runs 4-seater individual cars under the track, with the seats directly attached to the wheel carriage.


Each vehicle features trains with back-to-back molded seats and individual lap bar restraints. Its modern and open appearance is designed to allow smaller guests to take a ride. All passengers swing side-to-side around turns, over hills, and down drops while riding with their feet dangling in the air. The layout design with respectable accelerations and up-to-date aerobatics manoeuvers assure unique and smooth flying sensations. The vertical lift increases the anticipation of this family-thrill experience.

  • On this ride, guests swing side-to-side with their feet dangling

  • Space efficient and anticipation increasing vertical lift system

  • Riders sit back-to-back so the ride can be experienced forward or backwards

Technical Specification

Ground space*

Max. track height* 
Ride length* 

Number of vehicles*

Passengers per vehicle

Max. speed

Ride time

Dispatch time

Theoretical capacity   

Height requirement**

85 x 38 m

23 m 

334 m 



50 km/h

120 sec. 

40 sec.

360 pph

95 cm minimum
120 cm unaccompanied

* Variable according to customer layout or
dimensions, with respect to technical limits
and safety regulations.

** If accompanied by an adult and depending on local regulations, minimum height requirement can be lower.


All data are approximate and subject to
adjustment during the final engineering.