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First Place – Best New Product - IAAPA Brass Ring Award

We are super happy and proud to be awarded the First Place – Best New Product - IAAPA Brass Ring Award in the category Major Ride/Attraction Product cost of less than US $ 2 Million. We won it with the Ultrashot (Vertical Accelerator), which we launched in the early summer at Harzdrenalin in Germany.

The Ultrashot is the ultimate flight experience, in which riders are pulled up to a height of approx. 40m. The flight offers a real acceleration experience at 2Gs while being pulled up, and a 3 second Airtime from a height of 25m until the top (approx. 40), in which the rider experiences a natural flight without any external influences. After the turning point, the rider experiences a free-fall until being caught by the bogies and smoothly brought back down to the starting “launch” platform.

The Ultrashot is an innovative flight ride. It is highly dynamic motion powered, by electrical motors driving the bogies with belts, and uses the newest generation of motion controllers for a reliable and safe ultimate flight experience.



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