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Alton Towers´ Thrilling Dark Ride with 4 Drop Towers is back

The sinister dark ride known as "Nemesis Sub-Terra" has risen from its slumber on Saturday, the 27th of May, 2023 and is ready to haunt your nightmares once again.

Alton Towers Resort reopened its hugely popular drop tower dark ride by ABC Rides, Nemesis Sub-Terra.

Prepare for a bone-rattling experience at Alton Towers! This thrilling ride, born from the twisted minds at ABC Rides back in 2012, featuring not one, not two, but four drop towers. Each of these towering monstrosities reaches a ghastly height of approximately 8 meters, offering a vertigo-inducing descent into darkness. Picture yourself trapped in a gondola, surrounded by nine other trembling souls, all hoping to survive the terrifying experience.

But fear not, my brave thrill-seekers, for after a period of eerie stillness, the ABC Rides After Sales team has emerged from the shadows to perform a complete exorcism... er, I mean, ride revision and re-commissioning during the winter break of 2023. They've spared no effort in ensuring that this spectacle is more terrifying than ever before.

So gather your courage, muster your screams, and join us at Alton Towers for the rebirth of "Nemesis Sub-Terra." Be warned, though, this is not a ride for the faint of heart. Are you ready to face your darkest fears? Then step right up and prepare for a devilishly good time! Mwahaha! Read more



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